May 69th, 2021: Due to the current circumstances we will require all guests to show their completed vaccination card upon entry to our events. We are currently accepting new applications for in person events in the near future.

We take our vetting process seriously

Here are the 5 Steps:

  1. We have this online questionaire
  2. We check the social media link to see it matches your provided photo
  3. We follow up with your reference via email. Your reference can be a partner or friend it does NOT have to be a current member.
  4. We conduct a 10-15 minute phone interview
  5. We have you attend one of our mandatory consent workshops at a mixer or at the start of a play party

In addition, all new members must bring a plus one to their first party. All plus one ticket holders must also be fully vetted. Be sure to have your date fill out the VIP application ASAP!

Please note: You will not receive an automated email response from us. We will reach out to you after we review your submission.

    *File too big? Issues sending a photo? Screenshot the photo, crop and send!

    This form works best in Google Chrome & Safari. We do not send an automated reply email upon submission. We will reach out to you after we have reviewed your application. If you are having issues sending, please email your responses to